Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bit tired lately

Just busy with things.

But had a pretty good time last night.

On the winning team at the Rome Pubquiz!


Andrew Cusack said...

But Bushmills is the PROTESTANT whiskey!!!

John said...

Indeed. Although, perhaps in 2010 more like the secular transnational brand. Diageo owns Bushmills along with Bells, J&B, Johnny Walker, Vat69, Smirnoff's, and a million other libations, including, God help us, Guinness.

Still, the Proddies do lots of things very well. Distill grains. Make pots of money.

Looks to have been a prosperous evening.

Cheers (so to speak),


HJW said...

I bet it tastes Catholic.

Simon Platt said...

No. I'm afraid not.

Anonymous said...

Can someone educate this ignoramus from the rebel colonies on good Catholic whiskey? Much appreciated.

Scott W.

Anonymous said...

I did find this with a google: Protestant vs. Catholic Whiskey:

Jameson was pretty much founded in 1780 when John Jameson – a Scottish guy – purchased the Bow Street Distillery, which at the time was one of the biggest distilleries in Ireland. Now, it’s important to note that the Scottish Reformation occurred in 1560, so odds are in favor of the founder of the Jameson distillery, being Scottish, was a damn Protestant.

Bushmills, on the other hand, was officially licensed in 1608 by King James I (of Bible fame) and despite of its location deep in the heart of Protestant country (and this next bit is straight from my local Bushmills rep, so take it or leave it) has a Catholic as a master distiller.