Monday, March 01, 2010

Khyra Ishaq

Khyra Ishaq, who weighed just 2st 9lb (16.8kg), was said by a paramedic to be like a concentration camp victim when she was finally rescued from her home. She later died of an infection that was complicated by her condition.

I was just reading up on the prosecution's case against her mother.
He also said that just because Khyra had died of an infection it did not mean that there had not been a murder. "The fact she ultimately died of an infection is really neither here nor there. The cause of her death was the physical state that she was in. In a nutshell, their (position) is exactly the same as anyone who kept a prisoner and set out to starve them to the point where their life is at risk.

It’s just as much murder . . . as if they had shot, stabbed, beaten or strangled Khyra to death. It is our case that they were acting in effect jointly to do that which was done,” he said

I believe Angela Gordon was convicted last Friday of manslaughter.

Too bad the little girl wasn't already in a coma. Everyone would be hailing her mother as a tragic, tormented hero for compassionately saving her daughter from a life unworthy of life.

Or am I being overly cynical?

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