Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ant-eating mushrooms

Just when you thought science couldn't get any cooler,

nor nature any creepier...

meet the Cordyceps fungus. Yep, it's a fungus that kills you by growing out of your head!

Well, maybe not your head exactly. Unless you happen to be an insect living on the floor of the Amazon jungle.

Why yes. I am a big fan of the Giant Bug from Outer Space kind of sci-fi movie. Why do you ask?


I'm annoyed.

I was looking seriously into taking courses in environmental science and biology from the Open University in London. Their courses are generally well-regarded and they are not terribly expensive...

if you live in Britain.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that if you live abroad, a course costing £350-£450 for British residents, jumps to £900-1500 for people living in Italy. I could see saving up enough to take a course at a time for £350, but 900 is, I'm afraid, right out.

I would like to be more annoyed about this, but having written asking why this is, I was given a perfectly good reason. The UK govt' subsidises students taking OU courses in Britain, but not those living away. The higher price, therefore, is the actual cost of the course.

Looking around for something else, but I'm not very hopeful.

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Anonymous said...


To quote my wife, who blurts out every time a fly buzzes by,

"Insects! What was God thinking?!"