Monday, March 01, 2010

But still my all time favourite spectator sport...


Nigel Farage, no big charisma guy himself, has a go at the new Lord High Exalted President of the Presidency of the Imperial European High United Unification, Herman van Rompuy.

Gobs o' fun.

(thanks for the heads-up Greg...and come home soon)


John said...

They mentioned this on the Beeb's world news last night. (There's a sort of BBC-World-Service-for-television station that the local cable carries.)

But they didn't mention any details; just said that Mr Farage been very naughty indeed. If I hadn't seen your post I'd have thought Farage attacked the fellow with a blunt instrument. And there have apparently been, um, what's the word they used? More than "reprimamd". More like "sanctions" I think. I wonder what it entails. . . .



Agellius said...

That was great! At first I thought it must be a joke as it was hard to believe it could happen in an actual session of a legislative body. Good for him.