Monday, March 01, 2010

He shoots! ... HE SCORES!!!

Well, I don't know what all the fuss is about...

Canada wins Gold in Hockey,

Isn't that kind of like commenting on the direction the sun is rising?

I close my eyes, and I am lying on the living room floor of my grandparents' house in front of the tv after dinner, with my chin on the heel of my hands, feet kicking back and forth while my grandfather brings the after-dinner tea tray in, cups rattling. Or I am "skating" around on the hardwood floor in sock feet, shooting an imaginary puck between the goal posts of the sofa legs.

From our on-the-spot Vancouver correspondent:

"We won, the whole neighborhood is going nuts, kids are screaming and running in the halls, fireworks are going off, the cats look confused.

...Cars are honking on Main Street, kids are running up and down the street with horns and cymbals and someone is playing Oh, Canada on a piano upstairs...Just back from downtown.

The clean up bill is going to be insane."

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