Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fiddle music today

Well, that was an interesting little trip into the weird past.

Today, I think we're going to change directions a bit:

The Cuckold Comes out of the Amery, a traditional Irish fiddle piece.

Now, I noticed something yesterday that was interesting. I was listening to all that stuff from the early 1970s for a good portion of the afternoon and I noticed that it did not have what one might call a positive effect on my mood.

I am interested in whether this reaction is repeated elsewhere, and why. I suppose other people have already done most of the research footwork, but we can indulge in a little pretend science here, just for fun.

Let's play a game. (This may take a few minutes).

Listen to the pieces I posted yesterday carefully, and jot down what sort of emotional effect, if any, it might have on you. Then, take a little palate cleansing break and then listen to the jolly Irish piece above and write down your reactions.

Put them in the commbox, and we will see what we see.

Then maybe we can talk about why.


Agellius said...

I think your category label gives a clue: "To soothe a savage beast". The Irish one does that, whereas the 70s ones, rather than soothing savage beasts seem calculated to make them even more savage.

But you asked about our emotional response to the 70s music: They are depressing. Since I knew they would be depressing I was fore-armed against it, but I have long found this type of music from that era depressing, and therefore have avoided it for years.

Even back in high school, when I was not a believer, although I pretended to like that kind of music because the guys I hung out with all dug it, I always found it depressing. ESPECIALLY the freaking Doors. :::ugghh:::

Alas I knew nothing of classical music, so the best I could do was try to enjoy popular music that was at least cheerful, even if I had to listen to it in secret to avoid the ridicule of my "friends".

HJW said...

I think we were supposed to like being depressed. Which admittedly was a certain category of cool when you're 17, but is just dumn when you're in your 40s.

Cyndi Lauper was pretty cheery. In fact, a lot of 80s music was fun.

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