Monday, March 30, 2009


Took a walk over to the parish this afternoon.

Spent the greater part of the day on Saturday making curtains for the veiling at Ssma. Trinita. I was told, though I can only barely credit it, that this is the only parish left in Rome that observes the custom of veiling on Passion Sunday. The practice is still fairly common in Canuckistani parishes for some reason.

It is often difficult to give a good idea of just how enormous this great painting in this beautiful church is. The curtain covering the Guido Reni, his great masterwork, required twenty metres of purple fabric, four panels of five metres each in length.

The man at the bottom is Fr. Kramer, the parocco, adjusting the rod at the top this afternoon ("Up a little more on the right...a little more...a little more..."). It gives an idea how big it is.

John Sonnen has more pics.

Random shot of the fabulous dome. Just because I love domes.


Martin said...

One of the few times we'll ever see Padre Kramer without full clericals!

Anonymous said...

The lenten veiling of statues in Canuckistan is probably because the veilers would rather have no statues at all at any time.

Hugh of Niagara