Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No one listened to Newman

Too bad.

when a discussion
on education provoked a flood of calls and e-mails expressing some seriously politically incorrect opinions. Untutored listeners wanted to know who on earth thought it was a sensible aspiration to try to send 50 per cent of British youth to university...You may be sure the subject was changed fairly quickly, but the seed of rebellion had been sown.

It is an article of faith with New Labour and all its social-engineering fellow travellers that half of the population must go to university, regardless of academic ability, in pursuit of the holy grail of "fairness"...

a 'First', formerly a badge of excellence, is now given away like a free offer on a packet of cereal.


John said...

Only half?

One has a mental image of a Flannery O'Connor character proclaiming that they "ain't as a'vanced as we are."



Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned Newman, he once remarked that it appeared that (some) bishops appeared to hold themselves dispensed from the eighth commamnd-ment.

Fr Paul of Niagara