Monday, March 30, 2009

I guess "oriental desert savages" is right out huh?

Your politically correct guide to reporting/commenting on Islam.

Or, "How to be a good little dhimmi in ten easy steps".

I'll agree with one point though, the term "clash of civilisations" is a bit silly. On one side, we have the decrepit and decaying remnants of a civilisation riddled through with the rot of moral and intellectual relativism, ready to topple (and many are arguing, already having "toppled" and heading towards the ground at nine point eight metres per seconds-per-second).

And on the other we have, well, something else.

Neither of which can really be called "civilisations".

H/T to Kathy-the-Evil-Racist


BillyHW said...

I think I'll stick with "foaming barbarian monkey-savages."

cdajoe said...

I thought it was 29.8 meters/sec,per sec.