Friday, March 20, 2009

San Giovanni in Santa Marinella

It was fun.

First there was a Rosary procession,

Catholic Italy! Lots of people in the procession and they sang beautifully.

A bishop

and a band

and a statue of St. Joseph carried on the shoulders of the local volunteer emergency services guys.

All attended by

flocks of nuns,


and police in full dress uniforms.

Then while all the holy people went to Mass,

there was a street festival.


Cotton candy!


Bumper cars!

...weird stuff you only find at Italian street fairs...

Christopher forgot one of the cardinal rules of life: never eat anything bigger than your head.

St. Joseph, pray for us. Pray for Italy.


Anonymous said...

He should be sure to follow the John B. method of cotton candy eating:
Only stuff pieces bigger than your head.

(see several weeks ago).

Anonymous said...

I now have to go to confession. I am jealous.

Watch this and weep.

My kids'schools is called "St Joseph's Primary" in the UK. Was it even mentioned ?

Three guesses.