Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Better than a one in six chance

It's only a 5% chance. What are you worried about?

Who would be Pope Benedict?

Not me! Why do these silly women want to be priests anyway? Don't they know what a crappy job it is?

The poor German has merely to say “good morning”, and the liberal tabloids are shrieking: “Thousands dead in Sudan; famine across the world; ecological disaster everywhere — and Hitler Youth Pontiff thinks it's A GOOD MORNING!” [see below, HW]

Insane interpretations are routinely grafted onto his most innocent observations, as happened last Christmas when his careful and subtly connected thoughts about climate change and the roles of the genders were put into the Catholic-hating media blender.

Who is this Kevin Myers person anyway?

...what is it about sex which so diminishes rational thought? If the owners of a nuclear power station said that its current safety measures permitted a “mere” 5pc chance of it leaking plutonium onto visitors, how many of our condom-enthusiasts would be queuing to get into the place? Yet Aids is a sexual plutonium, which not merely will kill you, your spouse, your lovers, but also your children. Look. It's simple. As part of an anti-Aids programme, condoms are unnecessary within a sexually continent people — Loreto nuns, say, or married couples who don't stray from the marital bed.

But condoms will not prevent the spread of Aids amongst a general population of sexually promiscuous individuals. Even if used conscientiously (which never happens in public health programmes)

the best condoms in the world have a failure rate of around 5pc.


Kevin said...

5% is not the same as 1 in 5.

Just sayin.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

yes dear. That's what I'm saying too.

A much better chance with AIDS than with a six-shooter.

Martial Artist said...

"condoms will not prevent the spread of Aids amongst a general population of sexually promiscuous individuals. Even if used conscientiously..."

They never will except in a few individuals, because most individuals who have decided to be promiscuous(irrespective of the particular nature of their promiscuity) have already made the decision, even if subliminally, to elevate the precedence of their personal lust in that area above most, or all, of the other aspects of their lives and relationships.

Blessings and regards,
Keith Toepfer

Kasia said...

I'm reminded of something my NFP instructor said...he sells commercial filters for a living...

The average sperm cell is about 10 microns. The average condom has pores of up to 1 micron, assuming ideal conditions and correct use.

The HIV virus is about a tenth of a micron.


Anonymous said...

And in a related story, the solution to gun violence in Toronto is to issue kevlar vests and Darth Vader helmets, the wearing of which is mandatory in the Jane Finch area, since it is only natural that people will use guns and those who would try to control natural urges are repressive.

Hugh of Niagara