Friday, March 20, 2009

Harm Reduction

When you beat your wife, please make sure to wear the officially authorized prophylactic protective gear.

The Association of Compassionate Christian Caregivers today severely criticized traditional Catholic teaching on marital "love" and called upon the churches to encourage wife-beating Africans to take the "prudent, practical steps" to reduce the risk of HIV infection when assailing their spouses.

Scientists and other specialists in AIDS transmission are dismayed that Vatican ultra-conservatives continue to ignore their findings and insist that all persons -- even unlettered Angolans and even when HIV-negative -- refrain in all circumstances from acts of physical violence against their spouses.

"Preaching charity will NOT solve the problem!" says Osbourne. "We need to work with the reality of where these people are. These are Africans, for God's sake, not persons capable of understanding and following a moral norm. It is irresponsible of the Pope to teach otherwise."



Anonymous said...

Doesn't this just sum up the problem in one sharp cut to the truth ?

"We have no respect for your people or for your culture. We think you are no better than animals. We think you should be taken to the vets and neutered like the cat. But, obviously, we can't realy do that so we'll kindly ask you to stop breeding. Here are a few million condoms to help you."

love CAFOD.

It's crystal clear, Hilary. The nice, middle class, well educated intelligentsia are creating their new own holocaust.

Pass the pistachios, Rupert.

Adulio said...
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