Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sharks in the pool

Looks like Papa hasn't managed to get all the sharks out of the pool yet.

Ah yes. Lombardi. He's turning out quite the little helper isn't he?

And Damian seems a little annoyed:
Could the Vatican press office possibly be more useless? The Times reports that the Pope did not say the use of condoms "risks" aggravating the problem of Aids, as the Vatican record published today insists. Instead, he said what the world's press quoted him as saying: that it "even" aggravates the problem.

As they say online, WTF? Did some moron in the press office add the words "il rischio" to take the edge off Benedict XVI's comments? Looks like it: the journalists on the plane to Cameroon didn't pick up that caveat in their transcripts.

So, let's get this straight. The same press office that didn't get round to Googling "Richard Williamson" before he was readmitted to the Church now thinks that the world's press WON'T NOTICE if it tinkers with the Pope's answers to questions?

If so, this is beyond stupid. Has Fr Lombardi not noticed that the world's media - and especially the London Times - are out to get this Pope?

(Oh yeah, I forgot, this is one Papa put into the water himself.)

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Anonymous said...

I've wondered for four years now why a man so manifestly smarter than most of the world chose such a dolt for a press spokesman. Dr. Navarro Valls (sp?) under PJPII at least was a "practicing" journalist who knew how the press worked. But this guy is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with the Curia.