Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let it go!

Can we please, Puh-leeze, stop banging on about Vatican II?!

Look Holy Father, much as we love you, much as we are with you in all that you've been suffering, much as we'd like to see your enemies trounced, we, the Official Next Generation of the post-conciliar Church would like to let you know that not one of us gives a tinker's damn about the Second Vatican Council, other than the myriad ways in which it succeeded in destroying our rightful patrimony of the Faith of our fathers.

I beg leave to differ with Your Holiness: Priests do not need a true sense of Vatican II. They need a true sense of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

Whether one subscribes to the beloved "neo-conservative" notion that "The Council" was "highjacked" by modernists and used to serve their nefarious ends, or whether you think the whole thing was a satanic set-up from the get-go...


For Pete sake! Let go of the 60s. No one cares.

The party's over. Can we please just concentrate on tidying up the mess?


Anonymous said...

What if part of the mess is people--powerful people--who have not yet moved "beyond"?

Anonymous said...

A good simple post. I once attended a conference organised by Opus Dei, about Vatican II,in Oxford.Philip Trower an orthodox writer on church affairs spoke about it. At the end of his talk I asked if he could tell me one single benefit to the church coming directly from V II and he admitted graciously and honestly that he could not. I rest my case.
Alan Robinson

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued at young people who regard the struggle against the Evil Empire as comparable to Julius Caesar, Charlemagne and the rest of ancient history

(the best case was a lad at a military academy who was studying the nuclear showdown and regarded this as out of date and boring)

the problem with bishops is that they rarely meet young people and, if they do, they don't listen to them