Monday, March 23, 2009

Anatomy of Spin

A large part of what I do involves media analysis. I look at the ways the mainstream media (so called) presents the Church and her doctrines.

The last few weeks has been very interesting in that vein.

A cruise through the headlines makes for endless fun.

The Pope is dangerously wrong about condoms. This is because, you see, Condoms do not promote promiscuity, but because the Pope [is] Ignorant About AIDS, HIV numbers [are] at [a] record high (in New Zealand...because of course, he's banned them there too).

Now the world knows that John Paul II's condom ban worsened African AIDS crisis, (a stance that even followers disagree with).

This is because, naturally, the whole world, particularly in Africa, does everything the Pope says all the time. Cause, you know, the Pope rules the whole world. This means that the nice well-groomed men in London with HIV who want to bugger their sixteen year old boytoys would naturally never dream of using a condom now that the Pope has said they shouldn't.

Seriously, in Medialand, all this makes perfect sense.

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