Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wondering what to do with your life?

Try something that almost no one else does.

If you contact David Clayton, who teaches art at Oxford, he might help you. David Clayton

David Clayton: parlo di me
Chi sono:
David Clayton teaches iconography, Western classical naturalism and art theory.

He is trained in both Byzantine iconographic and Western naturalistic traditions which he studied in Florence. He has had commissions in both the UK and in the US including a portrait of St Luigi Scrosoppi at the London Oratory; a 5ft cross, gilded and painted on both sides and suspended over the altar at Pluscarden Monastery in Scotland; and the icon of the Sacred Heart commissioned by the Maryvale Institute to commemorate their 25th anniversary.

He has designed the programme for ResSource School of Art and worked closely with staff at the Maryvale Institute in the design of their theory-of-art course. The ResSource art programme is partly designed as the practical extension of the Maryvale Institute theoretical course. David has also been an occasional feature writer for The Catholic Herald.

Thanks Mary.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Luigi Scrosoppi at the London Oratory? Oooo, not good.

Anonymous said...

It's here

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


M. Alexander said...

Hi Hilary,

Here's the website for the Art Appreciation course for Maryvale:

The ResSource School of Art will be realized at Thomas More College in Merrimack, NH.

I'll be posting a question/answer interview (the lazy person's article) on on Monday if anyone is interested.