Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maher Arar a Terrorist After All

Huh. Who knew?

So, does that mean that Canadian taxpayers can have their 10 million bucks back?

the entire time he was in the Syrian prison, the Canadian officials who visited with Arar saw no signs of physical abuse. As for his condition when he got out, one Canadian eyewitness-- speaking to the Western Standard on condition of anonymity--who saw Arar in Syria only moments after his release from jail, put it this way: "If you call not being able to shower for 10 months torture, then I guess he was tortured. But from what I saw, he didn't look like he had been tortured."


a chapter titled "Background Information on the Afghanistan Camps," in which the reader is treated to a little history primer, the conclusion of which can be summarized as: just because someone might have been at a terrorist camp in Afghanistan in 1993, doesn't necessarily mean they were a terrorist.


Anonymous said...

Who knew?

I knew.

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Me too.

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Sorry "anonymous", but no matter how valid your point may be, (and it was), everyone who comes here regularly knows - or learns the hard way - that we are required here to put a name to a post.

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