Monday, January 19, 2009

...and I feel fine...

Like many other "conservative bloggers", I have little or nothing to say about Obama.

Nothing printable anyway. But it doesn't mean that I'm not watching.

Mike Sheep, part-time Obama cult leader at political conventions in Washington, feels abandoned by his supporters:

"I can't believe this is true. I bought thousands of these Obama buttons saying 'Vote Obama or admit you're racist' to show my support for racial eqality and dignity in America..."

Allan Lispie, a normal, white, middle class family man, who currently is building a giant concrete wall with barbed wire around his house, explains:

"I was, like every other clueless voter, captured by the godlike halo surrounding Obama. He was like a black Messiah for our family. We even bought an Obama action toy for our son, a cute little thing that, if you press a button, exclaims: 'Change-you-can-believe-in,' 'That-was-racism-I'll-have-you-arrested' or 'The-sweetest-coffee-comes-in-black-color.' But Change is only real if you feel safe. Now I'm building this gigantic wall to defend my son and wife against illegal aliens, Republicans, and followers of Scientology."


Zach said...

I am beginning to entertain hopes that The One™ may turn out to be merely another corrupt establishment politician, rather than a trial run for a Julian Felsenburgh.

You've gotta have hope and dreams, they say. :)


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Zach, I really don't think it is wise to start setting your sights so high as all that.

BillyHW said...

We are the future we have been changing for!

Zach said...

Chalk it up to my inherent sunny disposition and insufferable American optimism.

Although I'm preparing, as the Man In Black said, to "learn to live with disappointment."