Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ah, Celebrity Culture

Are we supposed to recognise these people?...

oh, wait. One of them used to be on Buffy right?

So, this is what passes for moral life in that other world eh? It's weird in the Matrix isn't it?

"I pledge to use less botttled water."




John said...

No idea who any of them are either. But aren't they wonderfully absurd?

I love the fellow with the porkpie hat -- the one who seems to have PeeWee Herman as his sartorial role model -- who pledges to be a great father. Oh, yeah. One's heart goes out to the poor child involved. And then there's the other fellow who looks like a street bum, uncombed hair, a week's growth of beard and clothes from the nearest dumpster. His pledge has something to do with dignity and respect. Apparently only in a non-visual way, though.

But the most Obamaian ones are also the most prevalent: the ones who just "I pledge" nothing in particular. Just like their Master. The triumph of the intransitive. If you recall "hope" and "change" were the watchwords. Not hope for anything specific. Not change from anything or to anything in particular. Just hope and change. And just I pledge.

Well, have a nice.


(Full disclosure: I didn't actually watch the whole thing. It's over 4 minutes. As it is, that's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.)

Karen K said...

Oh, please Hilary, I had just eaten!

My two favorites are:

The promise to only flush only after number two and

The promise to be a SERVANT to our president.


Lefdawg said...

Just goes to showing you how "Godless" and "unintelligent" the US people have become.