Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...while all about him are losing theirs

Gerald Warner, whose acquaintance I would be honoured to make some day, seems to be immune to the spell and has ground his naked foot into the fire:

After the Blair experience there is no excuse for anybody in Britain falling for Obama. Yet today, in this country, even some of those who remained sane during the emotional spasm of the Diana aberration are pumping the air for Princess Barack. At a time of gross economic and geopolitical instability throughout the Western world, this is beyond irresponsibility.

To anyone who kept his head, the string of Christmas cracker mottoes booming through the public address system on Washington's National Mall can only excite scepticism. It is crucial to recall the reality that lies behind the rhetoric. Denouncing "those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents" comes ill from a man whose flagship legislation, the Freedom of Choice Act, will impose abortion, including partial-birth abortion, on every state in the Union. It seems the era of Hope is to be inaugurated with a slaughter of the innocents.

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Karen K said...

All I could think was, "Sieg heil!" $170 million for the coronation-- I mean-- inaugeration, and taxpayers footed most of the bill. Considering that we're in the worse economic situation we've been beenin since the Great Depression, this is indeed beyond irresponsible.

Let's pray he won't sign FOCA as he's promised to do...