Friday, January 23, 2009

They let children play on this thing!!

From the most evil website on the net

In case there are more than five people visiting this blog who may not have been following over the last five years or so, I offer an old post from The Devout Life to explain my growing concern over the cephalopod threat.

The trouble with the ocean is that things that live in it don't have to worry about gravity all that much. It just encourages the worst sort of morphological excesses.

I'm calling for a moratorium on all non-bilaterally symmetrical lifeform development and a thorough review of all planned research.

Join me in the anti-tentacle movement, before it is too late.

"I saw them come for the sperm whales, but I was not a sperm whale, so I did nothing. Then I saw them come for the walruses and other land/sea mammals, but I was exclusively a land-dweller so I didn't do anything..."

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