Friday, January 09, 2009

Limericks for Epiphany

...and other things.

The Magi in St. Peter's Basilica

I've been trying to decide (and it's tough)
When to take down the nice Christmas stuff.
On Twelfth Night? Is Day Eight
From the Magi too late?
Candlemas is, for sure, late enough.

Cardinal Pell, seated on the famous faldstool cover with Fr. Kramer, not despairing.

There's no cause, dear PP, to despair
That the fabric has gained a great tear.
Now the faldstool is fit
For a bishop to sit
Since the cover's come back from repair.

Far too close to the system we came,
And Lord Vader knew who was to blame.
Now the Admiral's dead,
I'm promoted instead -
I just hope I don't end up the same.

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