Friday, January 23, 2009

Defend Triploblastic Rights!

From Wiki:
A germ layer is a collection of cells, formed during animal embryogenesis. Germ layers are only really pronounced in the vertebrates. However, all animals more complex than sponges (eumetazoans and agnotozoans) produce two or three primary tissue layers (sometimes called primary germ layers).

Animals with radial symmetry, like cnidarians, produce two called ectoderm and endoderm, making them diploblastic. Animals with bilateral symmetry produce a third layer in-between called mesoderm, making them triploblastic.


The forces of bilateral symmetry are holding their own for now, but FOR HOW MUCH LONGER?!

How much longer before we start having radial-symmetry diversity training curricula in schools? How much longer before we start seeing hug-a-squiddy campaigns from left-leaning politicians?

How much longer before we have radially symmetrical MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT!

Open your eyes people!

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Anonymous said...

You're against hugging squiddies?

What about Cthulhu?

Didnt think of that, did ya?