Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week of Christian Unity indeed!

Holy shahmoley!!

A friend notes:

Benedict has now reconciled more people to the Church in two years than JPII did in two decades.

Well wasn't going to mention it.

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--- On Fri, 1/30/09, Steve Skojec wrote:

From: Steve Skojec
Subject: Is it just me?
To: Hilary
Received: Friday, January 30, 2009, 9:10 AM

Or does all this unifying make you think that the end of the world is coming faster than even we had expected and the pope knows it?


BillyHW said...

If this could work, could Nigeria and the rest of the African Anglicans be far behind?

Zach said...

If Hilary will graciously lift the ban and permit me to comment...

It's hard to say what the impact would be. My understanding is that the African churches trend either Anglo-Catholic or Evangelical on a nation-by-nation (or even diocese-by-diocese) basis. The Anglo-Catholics might be interested, but the Evangelicals wouldn't be.

I'm not sure where ++Akinola (Nigeria) falls in that categorization. I think ++Kolini (Rwanda, and my archbishop) is more on the Evangelical side.

People who don't follow Anglican inside baseball often don't get that it's actually a 3-way split, between Evangelicals, Anglo-Catholics, and Liberals (with the E's and A-C's teaming up against the L's, and the L's returning the favor).

But it'd sure make things interesting -- and that's "interesting" in a good way, as opposed to so much that's "interesting" in a "my God, are we that close to the Apocaplypse?!" sort of way.


Zach said...

Oh, and I think Steve might be on to something there.