Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...with one notable exception.

Teddy, we'll miss ya. We really will.

This just in by email from a US friend who wishes to remain un-named for perhaps obvious reasons:

Dear Hilary,

I know the passing of Sen. Kennedy must be a very difficult occasion for you. A great enemy of human life has died, and every normal person's inner pharisee longs to be let out, ( "Please, please, just this once!!" ), to shout with joy, to cry out and say, " Good riddance, you fat evil bastard!! " I want you to know that I support you, and I hope you will support me, in the collective struggle to dominate the inner pharisee... I personally find it very hard to restrain the impulse to let my inner pharisee send a telegraph to my Congressman, Patrick Kennedy, Teddy's equally-loathsome-but-much-much-dumber son, congratulating him on his accession to the Throne of Evil. But I shall not do this. I am restrained. I am under control.

In the meantime, let us reflect that, just at a moment when the Obamanation could really use a great organizer and rallier to his cause in the Senate, Ted, who was a great organizer and rallier to causes, has been taken away. God's timing is mysterious, but impeccable...

"Telegraph for Patrick Kennedy!"

"He's over here, sir, under the bar."