Monday, October 22, 2012

The Regionals

Last night I was earnestly assured by two young American friends that there is really one "Canadian accent" and that was Southwestern Ontario.

Well, to that, I say,

This. Is. Canadian.



Teresa B. said...

My family come from Cape Breton and they are the closest sounding to Newfies.
When I see one of my aunts I always ask her what is 2 plus 1 and she still says tree. Doesn't matter how long they live in Ontario that accent just won't go away.

Now what kind of accent comes from Southern Ontario??

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

The one you hear parodied badly by stupid, ignorant Americans.

Anonymous said...

Another stereotype by stupid, ignorant Americans smashed.

Whaddaya know, Canadians aren't universally "nice!"

"Bonk!" (sound of Italian shoe hitting the wall as I duck)

John said...

The southern Ontario accent is largely the northern Michigan and Minnesota accent.

My father had a professor at NYU who could accurately identify within a city block or two where his students from New York City were raised based upon their accents. Or so he said. Given the tight ethnic enclaves of the day, I wonder if it wasn't a little easier than he said.

My Chicago relatives say I have a southern drawl, which, of course, is preposterous. I speak normally. Everyone else has an accent.