Monday, October 08, 2012

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Re: Benedictines

The Evil Vicar
Hilary White
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Dear Hilary,


I've been keeping up by periodically looking in on your blog, which (if I may say: I will, anyway) has achieved a breathtakingly-admirable poise in its present form, melding the confessional and the reflective modes.

Ah, affirmation...


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Teresa B. said...

Your posts are always great conversation pieces between my husband and myself.
I relate to some of your reflections though there are some stark differences.
But it is refreshing to have someone who is a Catholic pro-life woman that can still have a sense of humour and zinger sarcasm.

It can be hard to find like minded women (and men) who live closeby that you don't have to go through hoops to figure out what their take is on their faith and moral issues. I enjoy(not sure this is the right word) reading of your thoughts,frustrations and emotional issues you are going through as I can empathize and relate to it as well.
I may not be the smartest chick on the block but I have learned much from you and thank you for your posts. Honest, refreshing and sometimes snarky but solidly orthodox.