Friday, October 05, 2012


I've talked a bit about my Japanese phase. I took two years of "intensive" Japanese language study and did rather well. Toward the end of the course, as a final project, I presented a paper on late, Meiji period woodcuts.

Once, I got a chance to see the entire collection of Hiroshige's 53 Views of the Tokaido. It was doing a travelling exhibition around the world, one of the few times the whole thing left Japan, and it came to the Halifax Art Gallery. I was entranced. It was terribly hard to tear myself away.

Hokusai's name was as big in my childhood art lexicon as Leonardo's, thanks to my mum and her Japanophile ways.

It's funny. Just the other day, I wrote in my notebook how cool it would be if someone were to take Leonardo's drawings and animate them. Or Durer's. Never thought of Hokusai's.


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Anonymous said...

Two of my favourite artists...the wall in my office was plastered with copies of their work. I'd love to see the originals.