Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sometimes my brain gets so clogged up with things to think about that I don't sleep. It's OK, as long as I can get caught up later. But as a result, I've become quite familiar with the sounds and habits of the night hunting animals, particularly the bats. It's just about six thirty, and the birds have just this minute started twittering, but I noticed that just a couple of minutes before they did, I was hearing quite a different sound. A chirping noise that was quite unbirdlike.

It was the bats who live in the pine trees. The noise was exactly the same as in the video.

They have just this moment stopped, as if there is some kind of Nature Rule that the birds have to have their turn now. It had been quite quiet out there for several hours, no chirping bats, not even cicadas. But really just moments before the birds started, there was quite a loud flurry of chirps. As if the bats were telling each other that their shift is over and it's time to go to bed before it gets light out.

Time to put the tea on and start getting ready for class. Day 2 of Bozetti portrait painting class.



Teresa B. said...

You are lucky - I was kept awake last night by my neighbours having a party and taking it to their backyard and talking. I face the back window and heard constant talking and laughing - I would have preferred to hear the bats.
Though that bat movie was creepy.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

For a while, I kept a bucket of cold water close to the second floor window in my cottage in Tattenhall, because there were kids coming down from Liverpool and partying it up all night in our fields. There were no cops in the village, and when called, they refused to come, so we were left to our own defence. One evening, I looked out and a pair of them, drunk out of their minds, were all but having sex in the doorway of the greengrocer across the street. I yelled out the window that they had ten seconds to get lost or I'd be coming out with the bucket.

They got lost.

Teresa B. said...

It was nippy out & I was in no mood to go outside to freak on this bunch of 20 something druggies.
Though I would have taken their Doritos and munchies if I had the chance.
I slept in the front living room until I heard them come to the front of their house when they were leaving and went back to my bed. Why no one else in my family doesn't hear this?

I would have added oatmeal and orange food colouring into your bucket of water - make it look like vomit. I digress and it is late!