Monday, October 29, 2012


Two small movies that really actually rocked.

Ordinary Decent Criminal


The Shipping News - slow start but built up, and very, very Canadian (despite the multi-national cast) and Gordon Pinsent!


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Gerald said...

I too was much taken by the Shipping News. Amazing cast and terrific art direction and cinematography on top of an evocative story. (incidentally, kudos to Cate Blanchett for making her character so unattractive! A Herculean task to those of us who are Gimlis to her Galadriel).

And you're right, the atmosphere of the film was perfect. My aunt is a native Newfoundlander, and she said it made her nostalgic despite the tragedy at the heart of the story---since my uncle retired they've moved out there with my cousins and their children.

Last year I drove up to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from my home in Boston, and I have to say that the people, land and culture of the Canadian Maritimes were captivating. The Sea in all its wonder, majesty and ferocity hovers over the film like a capricious god.