Saturday, October 13, 2012

I painted!!!

Yes! I painted! Me! I'm a painter!

I kinda sucked. But I'm doing it!

Classes started again today for the autumn session. Two months of Bozetti and figure drawing classes. And today I used oil paints for the first time. It was new, exciting and difficult. It's going to be great.

Also, many thanks to the kind souls who send me books from the wishlist. The two most recent ones have duly arrived and they are beautiful, inspirational and instructional. One of the first things they have made me want to do is haul my sorry self over to the

...wait for it...

Natural History Museums!

I've discovered today that there are no fewer than three museums of natural history in Rome. The big one with the mammoth bones and dinosaurs and dioramas in the Borghese Gardens, and two more doing smaller stuff at Sapienza.

And they're double-plus cheap to get into. 7.50 E a day, and unexpectedly easy to get to on the transit. I had fully expected them to be in some suburb served by one bus a month, but I forgot for a moment how into education Italians are.

The list of people who can get discounts or get in free is amazing. Of course, I don't qualify as any of them, but that's OK, it just makes it seem like they actually want people to go to it.

Anyway, the books I've got are full of the most wonderful botanical and anatomical drawings of all manner of creatures, green, feathery, scaly and fluffy, and it has made me want to go do likewise.



Anonymous said...

If you ever get the chance to go to Austria, pay a visit (or 10) to the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna. It is HUGE.


Teresa B. said...

Sounds exciting!
Looking forward to seeing how your first oil painting will look compared to one you will paint say in two months or so.

df said...

Of course the natural history museum in London, that temple of Darwinism, is free.

Awaiting the first oil pics.