Friday, October 19, 2012

Chilly the other night

It's still pretty warm here. I went for a swim yesterday and it was fantastic, but certainly not as warm as it was a couple of weeks ago. Getting closer to BC sea temperatures. Which is fine by me. There's something faintly repulsive about getting into sea water as warm as a bath.

Nonetheless, the day is still pretty far down the road when I have to think about taking the winter stuff out of the closet. Still making do with summer skirts and the lighter cardies.

But when that day comes, I'm going to do one thing I've been meaning to do for ages. I've told you about Mercatino, this amazingly amazing place that sells all the old stuff that the Italians think they're too cool and modern to like any more. One of the best places to get vintage clothes, and they sell lots of fox fur stoles, and mink coats and collars and wonderful politically incorrect things. There was a gorgeous one there the last time for 40 Euros and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it.

Despite the absurd weather (18 degrees on Christmas day! Gah!) Italians are BIG into furs, and they like to keep up with the styles. So it means they get rid of a lot of them and you can pick them up cheap. I'm building up quite a nice collection of fur collars. A friend gave me a lovely mink-dyed rabbit fur scarf the other day. It was a pretty chilly night and I was coming home from the City and because it had been a warm day, I'd had nothing on but a cotton sun dress and flimsy cardie, and it was great to have it.

I'm gonna get me a fox stole to wear with my filmy flowered dresses. I've got this great long black flowered silk skirt that goes fabulous with a white ruffled blouse and cashmere cardigan that a fox stole would make perfect.

And they go rather fabulously with tweed suits


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