Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I think the lovliest time of the year is the spring

..it makes every Sunday a treat for me too...

Gerald Warner asks the question all the Trads are asking louder and louder every year...

How could clergy transgress so gravely against the doctrines of the Church? What doctrines? These offences took place in the wake of Vatican II, when doctrines were being thrown out like so much lumber. These offenders were the children of Paul VI and "aggiornamento". Once you have debauched the Mystical Body of Christ, defiling altar boys comes easily.

"So, how's that New Springtime working out for y'all?"

PS: I'm totally going to pinch "ecumaniac episcobabble" some time.



Anonymous said...

I open this page, read the headline and think "Waitaminute, I recognize that line." and when I see the caption for the video I confirm my suspicions even before it's loaded. Thank you for that smile.


Teresa B. said...

Terrific song!
My head explodes thinking of the bishops who moved these priests around but also to bishops who were in the think of it as well.
That article is bang on.

I get upset everytime I hear about Cardinal McCarrick doing a talk here or there. He was in Toronto about a year ago for the youth with a poster in every parish. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Articles like this show how little people know about the nature of sexual abusers and their psychology, and the link between paedophilia and pathological narcissism (or sociopathy).

Paedophiles were engaged in their filthy deeds well before VII was called, as the evidence of many of the abused attests to. Those who think that being a traditionalist or saying the Latin Mass somehow prevents one from engaging in sexual sin should have a look at the cases of Fr John Stockdale, Fr Ronald Pickering and Fr John Sweeney (among others) in Australia.

I am not excusing the horror of Vatican II by saying this but I think the issue is much more complex than most people wish to admit.


HJW said...

The men in the priesthood abusing young men are not paedophiles. They are predatory homosexuals who were let in to the priesthood in the peace-luv-groovy days when it was suddenly considered uncool to say that a man should be sexually normal and emotionally mature to be ordained.

There isn't a single study done on the clerical abuse scandals anywhere in the world that has not shown the same results. The young men involved were almost invariably in mid to late adolescence. And the men abusing them were known for their homosexuality from their days in the seminary. The article is spot on. It is the mainstream media that is trying to cover for their friends on the left of the Church by obscuring the nature of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the operative word being 'predatory.' Sociopaths predate on others. Being homosexual is not enough to turn someone into a compulsive pederast. Seducing adolescents is not just about sex, it is about using authority to manipulate another person, usually vulnerable, into doing what one wishes. If it was just about a bunch of liberal-minded, peace 'n' luv homos getting their rocks off, they would have just gone to the local gay sauna for some anonymous sex.

And if you don't believe that some of these men were paedophiles, read the story of Bindoon Boys Home.

Gerald said...

I must disagree with Anonymous here. Certain typical patterns of homosexual culture remain as common in the West as they were in Ancient Greece and still are among the Pashtuns in Afghanistan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twink_(gay_slang)

Anonymous said...

If there is the equivalent of an evergreen in the Church, it's about the character of VII. You can read all the documents passed by that council, red pencil in hand (Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn did just that) - and be relieved because the documents conform to the tenets of the Faith and the traditions of the Church. The real problem, of course, is what was done with all of that material, and there, I am afraid the only comment can be: Oy vey! All was not well in the Church, even before VII (e.g. the child abusers in some dioceses). But what came after VII in the name of "The Council": Oy vey again. And the less said about the N.O., the better.