Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why the Church in England is falling apart

This is from a post by Fr. Ray Blake of Brighton's St. Mary Magdalen parish. It is just a snippet from a

"letter from a Bishop to one of his priests, which basically said, "I cannot be bothered to read what you have written or to listen to what you have to say or to investigate what you are accused of but whatever it was it was wrong and hate filled."

Fr. Blake doesn't tell us the subject of the accusation, but comments simply, "It actually wasn't, it was a gentle argument trying to explain the faith".

He comments,
"I rather welcome the recent judgment that the relationship of priests to their bishops is like that of employer to employee, simply because it might bring some justice into a situation which is often quiet unjust and sometimes, as an American friend suggested, more akin to master and helot.

Those with power in the Church are often a law unto themselves, especially when they turn their back on the Church's Canon Law and basic Christian principles."
But it's not merely that these are bad men and bad bishops, heedless of the law of the Church and the tenets of the Faith. It's that they are intellectual runts. Some of them have a kind of animal cunning when it comes to protecting their interests, but other than this, well...

Think about it. It's not just that this man wasn't interested in investigating an allegation of "hate" against one of his own priests. It is the complete inability to grasp the internal logical contradiction he is making in his ridiculous rant. He "cannot be bothered" to investigate an accusation, yet "whatever it was" was "hate filled". And how, exactly, Your Excellency, have you made this assessment when you "cannot be bothered" to examine the actual material in question?

This is the current level of intellectual ability in the leadership of the Catholic Church in England.

In the lead-up to Advent, I think I will revive my "Abolish Christmas Now!" campaign. I am beginning to think that only if Christians in England are absolutely forbidden, on pain of harsh judicial penalties, from mentioning their religion in any public sphere that there is the slightest hope of saving the Faith in that country. These men need to be persecuted harshly for the belief they no longer hold and defend.



Forward Boldly said...

Under Henry VIII, every bishop but one took the oath to the Act of Succession. I would therefore not be surprised in the least if there was wholesale defection from the Church by modern bishops if persecution were to arise, with only a handful standing firm to defend the faith.

Teresa B. said...

This is scandalous!
I hope and pray that the Eucharistic Congress next year will bring about a stronger and more vibrant faith to the entire UK.
Can you pray for bishops to move away or something else?