Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Still alive

There was no room in the oncology ward where I've had everything else, so when we got here, they gave me a really nice posh single in the baby ward. Only one bed and a sofa for people to come hang out on. In the baby ward, they give you towels, a little pack of toiletries, and a mid-day snack if you want it. The food is better and they let people stay over night if they are wanted.

Bit ironic, really, that I'm in here and will be unlikely, particularly after this week, ever to be a mother.

So far, we're just waiting. Had a blood test, cardiogram and chest x-ray, and an examination by the doctor. It's two pm and no one has any idea when the surgery will happen. Expecting visits from the anesthesiologist (since yesterday) and the surgeon, the famous Professor Scambia.

Trying to stay calm, with middling success.



Anonymous said...

" unlikely, particularly after this week, ever to be a mother."

Better watch what you write. I hear Winnie reads the blog!

Anonymous said...

Stay calm if possible, sister, and, if possible continue to offer it up (Col 1:24)

As one holy priest and former abbott ( told me yesterday with a view to someone offering some suffering for them as well as us.

"...something to offer for the salvation of souls -- an average of a little more than 100 souls leave this world every minute of every day"

Even us sinners participate in the redemption, wonder of wonders.

Anonymous said...

PS---I cannot beging to tell you how much I recommend this book (The Passion of Therese of Lisieux) for those who are ill:

It is asonishing, not sentimental.

Ingemar said...

Look on the bright side! I will be in Rome on the 15th.

Stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have some of your beautiful art books or similar to look at. Beauty saves.

Praying. God bless.

Seraphic said...

Concentrate more on the posh, and less on the babies, that's the ticket.

Of my own friends who married at 37, 38ish, none have had children. People often tell me about their sisters/cousin/aunt/mother who had twins at 42, but I have yet to find out that a childhood friend has had a sprog after 37.

Zach said...

"I'm so pleased you're not dead!"

Anonymous said...

In mentioning Winnie who most certainly considers you an adopted mother, it is interesting that today is the Feast of St. Winifride or St. Winifred,(and the many other spellings), so I do pray for some miraculous intervention. You could as well have spiritual children if not children in the ordinary way, yet God could work miracles in either way. At least I have to consider it so.
Erin Julianna M.

Anonymous said...

Prayers from Boston... Matt & Cristina Genung

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Thanks for the encouragement, D.