Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In other news...

It looks like the revolution in the Church really is finally over, in the US, at least. With this new crop of younguns, we might hope that when the current batch of decrepit hippies has died off, there might actually be some improvement. In twenty years or so, I predict, the Barque may start righting itself.

(Wait, am I feeling sunny and optimistic today? What's going on? Is it the drugs?)



Teresa B. said...


The end of the revolution won't be complete until the "Catholic" school systems shut down and they start over.
Just like young seminarians becoming priests, we need young Catholic teachers who can teach the Truth.

Anonymous said...

That's is why we need to make sure we make the neo-Cats OUR useful idiots.
The rewrite of the Nervous disOrdo Missal proves this is possible::

Terry Quinn

Anonymous said...

That's funny!

Hey, always said Jimmy Akin is just Mark Shea with a brain