Saturday, November 05, 2011


Hair Update:

September 20th, going for the full Persis, polished cue-ball look. Those eyebrows are painted on and I've got about five eyelashes.

October 28th, natural eyebrows eyelashes returning and a bit of top-fuzz.

This morning, eyebrows shaped and eyelashes almost back to former length.

Chemo shrank the tumour; too bad it couldn't do anything about the nose.

(O's P. gold star to the first Picknicker to identify the Star Trek reference.)



JamesP said...

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

James, you are FAST!

Anonymous said...

I would say you are so beautiful, except it would only seem I am trying to ingratiate myself. So instead, Wow.

Larry Denninger said...

I was going to say the bald chick from the first Star Trek film, but James beat me to it.

But don't go full Persis and suffer a heart attack!

Teresa B. said...

You have lovely features.
It did remind me of Star Trek as well.

I broke my nose two years ago and when I had to get surgery to fix it - just before they put me under I asked if they could get rid of my Italian nose and give me a new nose - the doctor told me he doesn't work miracles! Laughed and then I was under. Afterwards, I told him I was very disappointed that the ski slope was still there.