Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Woo hoo!

I'm more famous!

Now, when do we get to the "rich" and "rules the world" part?


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss White

Forgive me, I could not parse your e-mail (is it 66@yahoo.com or Roman numeral VIVI@yahoo.com?), hence I will submit my remarks here:

I wish Mr. Matt had asked you about traditional Catholic prelates who shield and abet molester priests. You mentioned modernists in this regard, but the crimes predate Vatican II, as witnessed in Ireland.

Moreover, Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos is a traditionalist who encourages coverups and shielding the molesters, as he wrote to the French bishop, congratulating him for his part in a coverup.

The secrecy of the Vatican, the sense of entitlement of the bishops and priests and the servility of the laity also contribute to predation of children in the name of Christ and His Church.

Finally, I appreciate the tenor of your interview answers, which were often witty and erudite. But I confess to a weariness at the suggestion that the pope can only do so much, he is surrounded etc. The revolutionary Pope Paul VI seems to have had a bit more energy and less formidable opposition apparently, since he managed in a few short years the overthrow the Tridentine Mass and remake the Church.

Pope John Paul II managed to put some startling radicals at the head of dioceses, Matthew Clark in Rochester (NY, USA) and of course Roger Mahony among many others still in power and still obstructing the restoration.

Pardon me for saying so, but I think you, like many conservatives, do no favors to the present pontiff by making excuses for his relative ineffectuality in the war in which we are engaged.

Kind wishes,

df said...

Gosh! That's really a great interview, and I adore the Miss Ms Mizz comments that your interjection elicited!
But imagine the disappointment when people who've read this actually meet you.
Btw, your interview has "reaping what it has sewn" that's a new one! And I'm still recovering from "Aegean Stables"!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Not my fault. I spelled them right in the original word doc.

I endeavour not to disappoint in real life. It's why I hardly ever leave the house.

Steve T. said...

Quick! Use your newfound powers to save us!


Zach said...


A solution for the squid problem has already been proposed:

Have Presiding Bishopess K.J. Schori (oceanographer) fashion a brazen squid and raise it up on the shores. Then all who are bitten by the squid may look to it and be healed.

I'm sure it's too traditional a remedy for the chief Episcopalian to try, however.


Martial Artist said...

Miss White,

Please accept my hearty congratulations on your new employment.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer

Steve T. said...


That would never do. What about those who suffer from Squid-Sex Attraction(SqSA)? What would the North American Man-Squid Association say? You hater!