Monday, August 23, 2010

Why England is better than Italy

Well, it's not full of foreigners, to start with.

But this is the really big one.


High 18°C

Low 10°C,

Current 15.9°C

Conditions Cloudy, Recent showers

Santa Marinella:

High 33°C

Low 22°C

Current 31.0°C



df said...

Actually, it IS full of foreigners. I'm one of them (but maybe Chester has escaped)

Anonymous said...


I've remarked before that I grew up about 30 miles east of Buffalo. Which having lived in Toronto, you know June in Western New York can be like November in Scotland.

It left me with a permanent aversion to the Evil Orb in the sky. I'm one of these strange people that gets seriously depressed after too many sunny days. Makes me feel like an ant in the middle of a frying pan.

Fall. Bring it on.

Sue Sims said...

Hey, it's nice to have someone appreciate our weather. (But you realise that to be properly English, you need to be able to produce a grumble for all kinds of weather?