Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where do we begin?


So, it turns out that the Party That Must Never Be Named was right. Muslim Asian men in Manchester and other places in the north are in fact "grooming" young teenage white girls for use as prostitutes.


Well, Labour MP Ann Cryer is ready with the correct spin an answer.

It's all the fault of traditional Muslim Asian culture and their arranged marriages, see.

Because these men are all from "traditional" "conservative" Islamic families, they have their marriages arranged for them. This means that they can't sleep around when they're young like normal people, so, naturally, they turn to kidnapping, drugging and raping 14 year old girls, and forcing them into prostitution...

as you do.
"I am merely pointing out fact in saying that all the victims of these terrible crimes are white girls and all the alleged perpetrators are Asian men," she said.

"That is a significant fact and needs to be addressed."

In her view, young Asian men in traditional communities were unable to pursue casual relationships in the manner of their white peers because they were tied to arranged marriages.

Caught between two cultures, a small number were tempted to target vulnerable young girls, she said.

She was criticised by Muslim community activists, and a subsequent Channel 4 documentary focusing on the problem was pulled amid fears that it would hand political ammunition to the BNP Party that Must Never be Named.



Young fogey emeritus said...

If you read my blog, you know my libertarian conservative line:

Mark Steyn: the Indians said burning widows was their culture; the British said theirs was to hang chaps who did that. Your culture’s rights end where our no-harm principle begins, and that includes you, Mohammedans.

It’s good to see multiculti relativism and ‘brown good, white bad’ posturing (which usually really means ‘my kind of whites good, yours bad’) debunked.

- John

Zach said...

Somehow, this is all the Pope's fault. If only he'd ordain women and bless gay marriage and condoms, those Asian traditionalists would get hip and groovy too...

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE you're homesick?