Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's top Mad Britain headlines

From our "hell in a handcart" files...

Two that Kathy put together as a matched set:
England: Gay vicar, 65, to "marry" Nigerian male model less than half his age
Beware of the cobbles: Parishioners told path at 1,300 year-old medieval abbey is too dangerous to walk on

Advertising Standards Authority to investigate offensive "gay ads".

"The advert showed a family scene, but ‘mum’ is played by a man with a New York accent. During the ad he kisses another man who plays the father role.

Viewers said it was ‘offensive’, ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unsuitable to be seen by children’."

I hope the ASA took the names and addresses of people making the complaints to give to police. Aren't assertions that homosexuality same sex relationships are offensive and dangerous to children classified as hate speech in the UK?

Plus another item from the Chester Chronicle:

"Couple's Car Surrounded by 'Perverts'"

(I paraphrase here for brevity's sake)

A couple were returning from a holiday in Ireland when they decided to pull over into a picnic area for a rest and a bite to eat. Their car was immediately surrounded by "seven or eight men" who wanted to know if the couple were there to "put on a show" for them. When the couple reacted angrily, the men became threatening and told them to clear off, saying they were "spoiling their fun".

The picnic area is a notorious "dogging" site, meaning a place where homosexuals come to meet and do with their body parts whatever it is they do.

Police Inspector Phil Hodge told the Chron, "It's totally unacceptable and very intimidating and I will be looking to take positive action in the matter if the lady wants to make a complaint."

Remember, it's notorious.

Five "incidents" have been registered in recent months about errr... activities at the site.

The Inspector added, "information has been posted on various websites explaining that people may be committing offences such as outraging public decency. It does cause offence to people..."

But most important,

"the participants are putting their sexual health in jeopardy."

Well! we can't have that!...

Maybe the local constabulary should fill their pockets with condoms the next time they are patrolling the area, just to make sure no one's "sexual health" is being endangered.

Naturally, the Chron did not mention if the sexual activities going on "notoriously" in this roadside picnic area included women.

For some reason, only men were mentioned in the complaint.



BillyHW said...

Couldn't we hate the sinner, just this once, Hilary?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Don't let me stop you. I wouldn't dream of imposing my personal belief system on another.