Sunday, August 22, 2010

The new look

I got tired of the old standard templates for Blogger and just one day decided to make it all over (again). I think the combo of Daphne and the little birds are quite good, and I like the colour scheme.

Inspired by a friend, I just put a new thing at the very very bottom. I may add to it now and then, just for fun.

The thoughts, ideas and outrageous opinions expressed on this blog, unless otherwise stated, are entirely my own fault and are not anyone's fault but mine. My fault, mine own fault, mine own most grievous fault.

This means that they are not the opinions nor the fault of my employers or any of the people who edit any publication for which I write... except this one, of course, which actually is my fault, since I invented it.

If they sound loony, offensive or even brilliant, this is not their fault but mine.

So there.

1 comment:

BillyHW said...

I actually quite like the new design. :)