Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trad 101

Someone asked a while ago, possibly a long while ago, if there is a go-to site on the net that gives the Trad 101 thing all in one place. I couldn't think of any (other than Fisheaters), but I had forgotten about the wonderful Seattle Catholic website.

Seattle Catholic, sadly, is updated no more, and has not been for some years. But its archives are still there for the enlightenment and edification of the people, and to cause gnashing of teeth in all the right quarters.

I read it extensively when I was trying to choke that Red Pill down.

(Thanks for the reminder, Jeff)



Steve T. said...

Hillary, (forgive the assumed informality), that was me, in your Asteroid 101 blog post. Thank you for this. I swallowed the Red pill a long time ago, but I'm a history geek, it was fairly easy for me.

The Dutchman said...

Red pill?