Monday, August 30, 2010

Books, redux

It looks like my recent book bleg has been a smash success. I had several offers of Mindszenty-related material, one of which was the actual book I had asked for, which I am told is now winging its way Rome-ward from the exotic shores of California.

I had a number of other offers, (all of which were perfectly gentlemanly) including a few in which people offered to donate money to the cause of my great and glorious wonderfulness. This was greatly flattering, needless to say, but really isn't the sort of thing I feel terribly comfortable with, so to those who offered, thank you very kindly, but I must decline.

The Amazon book wishlist, however is still up and growing, and as always, donations of books in English are greatly welcome since they are difficult to find in Rome. There are lots of bookshops of course, and Italians have quite good taste in reading material (education in this country not yet being entirely stamped out as it is in Britain and Canada) but their English language sections are wretched enough to make one rethink supporting a public book-euthanasia programme. (Books about Obama. Books about Vampires. Books about living in Italy. Not kidding.)

I have put a functioning mailing address on the Wish List, for any of y'all who can no longer resist the urge to throw your money away.

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