Thursday, August 19, 2010

If this is a newsworthy headline

then there's something seriously wrong with your religion.
First Friday prayers of Ramadan end peacefully in Jerusalem

Or, as Kathy likes to put it, "Lourdes marks 54,827th riot free day"



anothertwocents said...
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anothertwocents said...

One ought be a bit careful with such logic. With this logic one could just as well insist that there is something seriously wrong with Catholics, because every year whole phalanxes of riot police are needed to keep some of Northern Ireland's enraged Catholics from rioting, if not killing the Orangemen who march through their neighborhoods outright. And every year newspapers the world over report to what extent these Catholics were unable to control their hot Irish blood.

Just like the Palestinians, they are an indigenous people, who resent the massacres they suffered, having had their land taken away from them, and having to live as second if not third-class citizens in their own country. Fancy that.

If I may propose an aggiornamento of a modest Anglo-Irish proposal, perhaps we could kill two birds with one stone by freeze-drying all the Palies not beyond their reproductive years, Muslims, Christians, and filthy Atheists all, and shipping them to those parts of Africa where hunger is endemic, and a lingering cultural appreciation of the nutritive value of protein derived from homo sapiens remains.

I say freeze-dry them all, and let Allah sort them out.