Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh come on, don't go away mad.

I just couldn't leave things on such a down note.

A few Romepics.

In Sant' Agonstino, this statute of the Virgin Mary has been venerated by mothers and mothers-to-be and would-be mothers for many a long year.

Memorial state of a Roman Senator, Ostia Antica

Twilight, and other teen-vampire books, selling well in Rome book shops.

A very Catholic pic. Polish nuns on a sunny day.

Some of my life-long habits will never die. Thanks Grandma.

I waved, but he was busy.

Easter Vigil night in Sopra Minerva.

San Gregorio.

The last thing some Christian martyrs saw before the lions.

How to deal with the cephalopod threat. Piazza Navona.

Orange trees at the Ange.

The saturno making a comeback. But only with the young people.

Memento Mori.

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Octopus wrestling, here:

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