Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Something to remember

The November 1, 2009 issue of The Non Profit Times ranked the top 100 non-profits (Charities) as per their 2008 income. PPFA is Number 16 out of almost 1.2 million non profits with an income of over 1 Billion dollars in 2008 ($1,023,300,000) – This is perhaps the first year it crossed the billion dollar threshold.

Something I think the pro-life people need to understand better is just how much people want abortion. They'll pay for it, cheerfully, either themselves or through taxes, they'll donate for it, they'll march for it, they'll tolerate nearly any evil to preserve it in law. People want it. They want it because they know it allows them to have what they want most. They've made the calculation, easily and quickly in their minds: "If we outlaw this obviously evil thing, then we will go back to a time when we could not hop in and out of bed with whomever we pleased."

They've had 400 years of philosophers telling them that evil is more or less unimportant anyway, or at least, the kind of evil you don't have to see too close up, so it's something they just don't care about very much any more.

People want abortion.


BillyHW said...

You speak the truth, Hilary. People want abortion. And not just for the free luv. I've met a lot of people who want it to ever-so-quietly dispose of their defective babies, and to thin out the lower classes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that. I think people are mostly sheep and they will want what the other sheep want. Also, a tremendous number of people simply don't have the facts. They don't understand fetal development. I've seen an enormous shift in attitudes towards abortion among my peer group as people get the ultrasound photos of their relatives.

The problem is that the minority who do actively want abortion are very organized. - Karen

HJW said...

I'm pretty sure that sex ed has taken care of that last remaining members of that tribe in deepest darkest nowheresville who still don't know where babies come from. They're pretty diligent.

Anonymous said...

Really? It seems to me like what sex ed has done is thoroughly destroy a normal awareness of the connection between the marital act and cute cuddly babies. - Karen