Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Journalists, our intellectual and moral superiors...

EU Referendum on the recent astonishing revelations that the whole "global warming" thing has been a big, government and media-approved hoax:
On the ball as always, with the latest orthodoxy, Reuters is happily reassuring us (itself) that the revelation of a series of "embarrassing" e-mails is not a "game changer".

The proof of this assertion comes with the cast-iron, copper-bottomed mantra which wards off all evils, the answer to life, the universe and everything ... "experts believe ... ". Ranking alongside "scientists say ... ", these mantras are the modern equivalent of garlic used to ward off the devil (aka sceptics).

Personally, I always liked "...a new study has revealed".

Just a little aside, as Kathy likes to say, can we PUH-Lease drop this whole "-gate" thing?

She suggests naming every political scandal "-aquiddick" instead.

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