Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh by the way,


Not anti-Catholic. Not even a bit.

Saw it last night, and it was great. Gobs o' fun. World falls to bits; good guys win.

Roland Emmerich might be a commie, he might hate religion and Catholicism in particular, but he has one talent that makes him good at disaster movies: he blows stuff up REAL GOOD.

And frankly, religion came off pretty well in this. The world comes to an end for a bland, vaguely believable reason (solar flares or something...really doesn't matter). Nothing supernatural there. People respond to it in various ways, one of which is to pray. So far, so sensible.

We've got the Cardinals and the Pope, and Silvio Berlusconi, ended their days honourably praying and facing the end fearlessly. The Sistine Chapel ceiling collapses on them and my friend commented, "What, there's more than five cardinals at the end of the world who believe in God? Cool! We win!"

While Angela Merkel, who high-tailed it to the ark, told the assembled heads state "The Italian Prime MInister has opted to remain behind with his people and pray" and the Italian PM was pictured in St. Peter's square with his mantilla-wearing wife when st. Peter's collapsed.

And when the mean policy wonk at the White House says, "Where is the president!? We have to go get on the plane!" He was told, "He's praying, which might not be a bad idea right about now."

It had everything. All kinds of car chases through falling buildings, falling buildings, giant super-volcanoes, humunguous eruptions, and all of Los Angeles sliding into the sea. What more could you possibly want?

And to the snooty critics, I say, Phooey! Not every thing needs to be Shakespeare.
There's a place for opera and a place for Monster Truck extravaganzas.

So there.

One last note: Someone ought to send a note to, err...someone, and say that a dog that barks at EVERY single thing that goes past the garden, is more or less useless as a guard dog.


Zach said...

all of Los Angeles sliding into the sea...

Well, it was NYC he put underwater before...

OK, fine, even though I'm annoyed with Emmerich for his admitted cowardice re: Islamic landmarks... I suppose there's some value in Hollywood openly saying "of course we don't blow up things from the 'Religion of Peace', we don't want to get killed..."

John said...

My favourite comment: "The hell with the Mayans and 2012. I just noticed my Catholic calendar doesn't have anything on it after December 31, 2009!"

Forgot who said. Wasn't me. Wish it had been.



Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with your pseudo-intellectualism on this matter.

Why don't you watch this?