Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Young people these days!

Just explain to me what it is with the younger generations these days. They seem to know nothing at all about classical culture. Their own culture.

Imagine not knowing who Kang and Kodos were! I think schools need to run remedial programmes in pop-culture for those who just haven't kept up.

A sad day has come when young people don't get the pop culture references in the Simpsons.


DP said...

Ah, for the old days when Klingons were stand-ins for Commies.

Fr. Thomas said...

It's Gilligan's Island I'm really concerned about. The young don't even know about the musical Hamlet. And Get Smart---say 'the craw' and everyone wants to cart you off to the loony bin.

HJW said...

I ran a joke about the cone of silence past a dinner party a while back and was horrified to have to explain it.

What did these people watch when they were kids anyway?